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In this day many larger firms are growing too fast whereas the Broker and staff have little time to devote to one-on-one interaction. Also, many agents from these larger firms experience fewer leads as the leads are divided amongst many agents. It's a sink or swim mentality. At Ed McNulty Realty LLC, we are happy with our consistent growth. The broker, Ed McNulty, personally trains his agents one-on-one. This expedites ones learning experience and translates to a faster revenue stream. Our agents are provided with many quality leads and the resources to convert them. Our leads are derived from weekly advertising in multiple papers/areas, 100's websites, social media, direct mail, walk-in traffic, company referrals and from a large inventory of homes/commercial buildings & rentals. Please fill in the below questionnaire and/or call us. We'll provide you with names of Real Estate Schools that provide the 75 hour training course 'online course available' and the steps that will get you licensed within 45 days. We also have a mentore program that guides you beyond the formalized traning. Good luck in your new career!

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Our back office support/systems allows you to be more productive. Find out why homeowners choose us over the competition. Full page advertising, multiple web-sites including our mobile site, search marketing, Trulia & Zillow enhanced listings, GeoData, Commercial & Residential Sign Companys, Obeo photography, Social media, Showing desk, Lead Management Software w/e-flyer & Postcard/Brochure Library, receptionists, multi-office usage, dozens of free dvd's 'mixed with classical music' of your listings for buyers. Watch the owners light up with your presentation.

Realtors, if you've experienced fewer leads, a dramatic reduction in income and now you're competing with hundreds/thousands of agents from the same company then consider calling me. We're a group of well experienced Realtors many of which came from the franchise offices you're familiar with. Our agents receive competitive splits and pay no franchise fee saving you up to 8% of your commissions. There is no advertising expenses and we advertise our entire inventory. There is no mandatory desk/office time as leads are forwarded to you. Each of our agents have access to our offices. Consider joining a great group of hard working people 'filled with team spirit' that appreciate the resources/leads we provide them.

If you've started thinking about making a move, let’s meet up and let's discuss leads, splits, support systems and a customized plan to increase your revenue with no down time. Ed McNulty Call/Text 516-996-2529.

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