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Old Bethpage is a hamlet and CDP located in the town of Oyster Bay, New York. It is located on Long Island and significant portions of the CDP are undeveloped land and parks ensuring plenty of wonderful green spaces. It is a single neighborhood and it is the 291st largest community in the state. It is a family friendly community with good schools, low crime rates and high rates of homeownership. It is predominantly traditional single family homes with high rates of homeownership which creates a cozy, stable community. Homes here are pricey, however, one pays for the beauty of the hamlet, the warmth of the community and the convenience of its location near New York City. Over 58% of adults in Old Bethpage have four-year degrees or more, which is about three times the national education average. It is semi-diverse in terms of ethnicity and race. English is the primary language, followed by various Indo-European languages.

The modern history of the area began in 1695 with Thomas Powell. Powell was a settler who purchased 10,000 acres from local indigenous tribes, the area that would become Old Bethpage was part of that parcel. Powell was called his lands Bethpage after the biblical town of Bethpage. The lands were split between Powell’s fourteen children and developed into a collection of farming communities one of which retained the name Bethpage. A rail spur to the budding community was completed in 1873. A brick works plant opened in the community in 1860. One of the nations first highways, the Long Island Motor Parkway, was built between Queens and Lake Ronkonkoma and passing through Bethpage. Bethpage State Park was established in 1932. Today, Bethpage is a comfortable suburban area with the atmosphere of a small town nestled within easy commuting distance of the Big Apple.

Old Bethpage spans 4.1 square miles of land area. It is a wealthy community compared to both state and federal economic statistics. In 2000, the population was 5,400 and the population density was $1,311.4 people per square mile. In the same year, the median household income was $89,771, the median family income was $100,325 and the per capita income was $34,666. In 2010, the population was 5,523 and the population density was $1,347.1 people per square mile. In 2015, the median household income was $120,396 and the per capita income was $51,645. In the same year, the mean price on all housing units was $572,425 and the median gross rent was $312.

Public transportation is available and commuter trains are the most popular type. The average commute time for residents of Old Bethpage is approximately 33 minutes. Public education is provided by the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District, which consists of four elementary schools, two middle schools and one High School. One of these schools is located in Old Bethpage is Old Bethpage Elementary. The community shares also shares a library and fire department with the community of Plainview. Law enforcement is provided by the Nassau County Police Department. The community has a number of wonderful parks tucked amid its homes. Homes for sale range from first-time buyer homes through sprawling luxury homes. Other real estate options include apartments, condominiums and townhomes. To begin your home search, call local real estate agent Ed McNulty at 516-887-3603.

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